Services for the Energy Consumer

Downing Power Consulting is committed to working with our clients to bring value by developing and implementing a comprehensive energy management strategy. Downing Power Consulting service offering to energy consumers is focused around 3 areas:

Downing Power Consulting believes the key to managing energy costs is to develop a energy management strategy that can be adapted to changing market conditions, regulatory structures, and supplier differences.

DPC work closely with our clients to establish energy goals that couple with their business objectives and risk tolerance. Once developed, DPC assists clients in implementing the energy management strategy and most importantly adapting the strategy in changing market conditions.

Downing Power Consulting manages the entire procurement process for its clients. Creating the proper competitive environment with the suppliers and accurately comparing competing offers is critical to the energy procurement process.

DPC’s focus on pricing structures, and contracts ensures that clients get the maximum value out of their procurement strategy. DPC maintains relationships with over 8 suppliers of electricity & natural gas in Texas.

Our insight allows DPC to:

  • Provide clients with pre-qualification information on potential suppliers to narrow the field as appropriate
  • Develop a clear and detailed solicitation based on the energy strategy of our client
  • Work with suppliers in customizing their products to fit the specific needs of the energy strategy
  • Supplier Comparison & Analysis Downing Power

Consulting conducts a thorough analysis of the proposals and a detailed comparison is prepared:

  • Initial pricing, and what cost components are included or passed through
  • The risk/reward balance of any pass through components
  • Comparison of contract provisions
  • Overall supplier capabilities and financial strength

DPC serves as an in-house energy and project management team for most of our clients. This entails supporting clients on many day-to-day business needs that range from bill auditing to interfacing with local utility companies.

Downing Power Consulting prides itself in being a service orientated firm that is not a transaction-only based energy management firm. Our knowledge of the local utility companies processes is best in class.

DPC works diligently to make sure that all supply contracts remain current with the client’s changing needs, including:

  • Coordinating meter additions and deletions
  • Major facility building/upgrades and the local utility requirements
  • Assisting in scheduling service outages for maintenance
  • Emergency outage coordination